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Youth Classes for Ages 3.5+

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Uniform Information: Purchase & Care

At Grindhouse, we believe that grappling is a powerful activity that benefits youth both physically and mentally. Our curriculum is intentionally designed to develop the skills and dispositions that create a foundation for success on and off the mat. Our behavior management system teaches youth of all ages to regulate their behavior using developmentally appropriate strategies.

We are an inclusive space and our youth program is open to children with a wide range of needs. We partner with parents of children who need extra support to create positive mat experiences for their child.  

Professionalism & Passion

We pride ourselves on offering a superior youth program grounded in two decades of experience teaching children of all ages. Our Youth Program Lead, Professora Denise, has been a Jiu Jitsu mom since 2005, created and coached numerous camps and special events for youth of all ages, and competed alongside her son for many years. She is an educator by trade, working for over 20 years as middle and high school math teacher and currently works at CSU Pueblo in faculty professional development.

Gi & Nogi Training

There are two styles of grappling, Gi and Nogi, and your child will practice both styles in our classes. The main difference between Gi and Nogi is that Gi training utilizes the cloth for control and nogi looks more like wrestling. Practicing both styles creates well-rounded grapplers and provides realistic self-defense practice.

Youth Class Overview

Designed to go beyond technique, our innovative program focuses on cultivating the core principles and concepts of grappling and life skills, empowering our young practitioners to become skilled martial artists. Our curriculum is based in youth and adolescent developmental stage progressions. This creates a learning environment with appropriate expectations, accelerates learning, and is engaging for all kids.


Classes designed for specific age ranges ensure that kids have training partners closer their age and physical size in classes. Their willingness to try different movements is boosted by seeing the successes and challenges other kids in their age range experience. 

Ages 3.5-6ish

Younger students develop core movements movements in fun activities that feel like play. They learn how to follow class rules and how to show respect to themselves, their teammates, and their coaches. They also practice using their words to resolve conflict, being class helpers, sharing, and taking turns. 

Curriculum Focus

  • Practice core movements of Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and Judo
  • Develop coordination, agility, and spatial awareness
  • Learn direction words and body part words

Life Skills

  • Cooperate and communicate with peers
  • Focus and following directions
  • Taking control of emotions, getting along, and verbal conflict resoulution

Ages 6ish -12


Older kids practice a wide range of level Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and Wrestling techniques. They participate in coordination drills and interactive games to build a strong understanding of core concepts and principles. They also develop and practice strategies to resolve verbal and physical confrontations.

Curriculum Focus

  • Practice beginner to advanced techniques as they show readiness
  • Learn the vocabulary of Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and Judo
  • Develop higher levels of coordination, agility, and spatial awareness
  • Discuss and develop anti-bullying and self defense strategies

Life Skills

  • Communication, conflict resolution and setting boundaries
  • Self-discipline, confidence, showing and earning respect, and growth mindset
  • Leadership and problem-solving


A Gi uniform with a belt is required for all students. To keep uniform costs low, we don’t require a different uniform for Nogi. Students can practice Nogi in their Gi pants and a rashguard top or a tight fitting T Shirt or Dry Fit shirt that is long enough to tuck in their pants. 

Youth Uniform Guide


    • Purchase a Jiu Jitsu Gi (not a Gi from another martial art) - Any color is acceptable. Some competitions require white, blue, or black gis.
    • Rash guard or tight fitting T Shirt/Dry Fit shirt that is long enough to tuck in.
    • Mouthguard required for students with braces on their teeth and recommended for all.
    • Shoes that are easy to slip on and off.


    • Rash guard or tight fitting T Shirt/Dry Fit shirt, long enough to tuck in the pants.
    • Gi pants, Nogi shorts, or athletic shorts with no pockets, exposed zippers, or metal.
    • Mouthguard required for students with braces on their teeth and recommended for all.
    • Shoes that are easy to slip on and off.

    Uniform Purchasing Guide

    Hygiene & Etiquette Guide



    Youth who are interested are able to compete in local, regional, and national tournaments for in both Gi and Nogi. Students learn competition rules and strategy in simulated matches to round out their knowledge of the sport and we will never pressure students to compete. Our coaches frame the competition experience as something that is fun, a way to make new friends, and to get better at Jiu Jitsu. Our students learn to frame the competition experience around growth mindset principles - focus on learning and value mistakes as part of the learning process.